Call-To-Action Leadership Conference (CTA-LC)

The Call-To-Action Leadership Conference (CTA-LC) is held during the last weekend in January during a legislative year in Salem, Oregon.  This conference may be a one-day conference or two-day conference.  The Conference is open to the public, and the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) hosts it.  The purpose of the Call-To-Action Leadership Conference (CTA-LC) is to bring together persons concerned with the political development of Blacks in Oregon, to discuss legislative and executive priorities of the Oregon Black Community and the State of Oregon, and to prepare a legislative agenda with strategies of implementation.  Participants will learn from Legislative Leaders and many others with expertise in the political arena.  Participants will collectively establish legislative priorities of the Black Community, prepare a legislative agenda, and develop strategies for implementation.  Resolutions and issues that were developed at the last Oregon Black Political Convention are helpful to the participants in carrying out the purpose of the conference.

Oregon Black Political Convention (OBPC)

The OBPC adopts a platform with resolutions and endorses candidates running for offices at the Oregon Primary Election. >>> SEE OBPC

OABA Recognition Dinner

The OABA Recognition Dinner is an event at which OABA presents its awards which honor individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the political, educational, social, legal and economic development of Blacks in Oregon

OABA-B Listserv

"OABA-B" is an open listserv of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) whose purpose is to allow Black Oregonians and others to discuss, among themselves, issues and conditions affecting the Black Community, and to propose and discuss solutions or alternatives. This list is used to share information and announcements that would be of benefit to members of the Black Community. If one wants to be on the OABA-B Listserv, one should send such a request with their email address to OABA at >>>

OABA Intern Program

The 2006 OABA-OBPC College Internship Program is an internship program whereby the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) is working with colleges and universities in Oregon to set up non-paying internships for college students who want to assist in the planning and preparation of the Oregon Black Political Convention (OBPC). The purpose of this internship program is to get Black students interested in the political processes and to encourage the colleges and universities to work with Black students and the Oregon Black Community. This internship involves the student working with other citizens from Oregon and candidates running for public offices as well as developing issues and positions of Oregon Black Community. Getting these students to know, understand and use processes will benefit the college, the students and society-at-large. This program will give these students some hand-on experiences in dealing with the political processes that will affect them at the college that they attend and for the rest of their lives.