April 13-15, 2012    Crowne Plaza Portland Convention Center, Portland, OR 97232    “2012 Election Politics-OBPC:  Citizens Engaged and Making a Difference for All Oregonians!”

April 16-18, 2010    Crowne Plaza Portland Convention Center, Portland, OR 97232    “During The Administration Of President Obama: Black Political Action For Institutional Transformations And For Removing Barriers, Bias, Discrimination And Ineffective Legal Representation”

April 18-20, 2008    Embassy Suites Hotel-Portland Washington Square, Tigard, OR    “Recognizing and Using Black Political Action To Make Political Change"

April 28-30, 2006    Holiday Inn-Portland Downtown, Portland, OR    Black Oregonians Exercising Their Power for Political and Economic Outcomes

April 16-18, 2004    Holiday Inn-Portland Downtown, Portland, OR // “Moving the Agenda: Exercising Black Political Power”

April 6-7, 2002    Radisson Hotel Portland, Portland, OR // "OBPC Developing Political Strengths: Black Oregonians Working For The Long Run"

April 7-9, 2000    Radisson Hotel Portland, Portland, OR // "Challenge of the Century: Growth and Expansion of Black Political Power in Oregon"

March 21-22, 1998    Quality Inn, Salem, OR // “Building The Future By Acknowledging And Using Past Successes"

April 27-28, 1996    Quality Inn, Salem, OR // "Liberal? Conservative?  Independent?:  The Black Vote Is Not Monolithic!"

April 9-10, 1994    Quality Inn, Salem, OR // "Now is the time: Black Political Action"

April 10-12, 1992    Howard Johnson Plaza-Hotel Lake Oswego, OR // "Today's Leaders Preparing Leaders For Tomorrow"

April 11, 1990    CHUMAREE Hotel & Comfortel Convention Center, Salem, OR // "A Decade For Political Risk Taking"

April 8-10, 1988    Viscount Hotel, Portland, OR // "Voting '88: Exercising Black Political Power"

April 12-13, 1986    CHUMAREE Comfortel Salem,OR // "Crisis: Time for Black Perspective, Persuasion, and Productivity"

April 7-8, 1984    Holiday Inn at the Coliseum, Portland, OR // "In Politics, Blacks Can Make A Difference"

April 17-18, 1982    Willamette Center Portland, OR // “For the Black Community--Politics Is The Answer"

April 11-13, 1980    Holiday Inn At Airport Portland, OR    

April 7-9, 1978    Benson Hotel, Portland, OR