The 2016 OBPC seeks to engage Black American College students as interns to learn, use and participate in political processes that would benefit themselves, their community, their colleges and society-at-large.

2016 OBPC Theme: "Empowering People Thru Political Processes"

  1. Who is a citizen?
    1. Is there a Problem Here, Today?
    2. Informed Citizen
    3. Black Americans: "The Problem" and "The Challenge"
  2. What are politics and the process?
  3. Student is a customer of education institution.
  4. Black Community/Black America
  5. Black Political Action
  6. Are you Committed?
  7. The 2016 OBPC College Intern Program
    1. Intern Requirement
    2. Outcome of the internship
  8. 2016 OBPC Steering Committee
    1. Work with the Oregon Black Political Convention (OBPC) Steering Committee
    2. Gather the names & Contact Information of all the Black organizations within vicinity of the college or university that the intern attends
    3. Write an internship paper on their fieldwork and activities
    4. Provide a copy of the paper to their professors and the Oregon Assembly for Blacks Affairs (OABA)
  9. 2016 OBPC Booklet
  10. Publicity & Outreach for the 2016 OBPC
  11. Rules for the 2016 OBPC
  12. Counting Ballots at the Convention
  13. DRAFT Platform for the 2016 OBPC
  14. Final ADOPTED Platform for the 2016 OBPC
  15. Distribution of the Adopted Platform

Calvin O. L. Henry, Ph,D.

OABA Contact ( (541-745-5570)