If an individual has a complaint and that individual wants some assistance from the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA), the individual must send a written and signed letter stating that the individual requests the assistance of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) or submit a request from our Contact page.

From this request, the OABA Board of Directors will decide whether OABA can assist the individual with the complaint.

In the written and signed letter, the individual should state:

  1. What the problems, issues, or complaints are;
  2. When did the problems, issues, or complaints occur;
  3. The identities, positions, addresses and telephone numbers of persons or organizations who are causing the issues or problems for the individual;
  4. How the individual feels that these persons or organizations have hurt her or him;
  5. What the individual wants done about the issues, problem and people; and
  6. What is the individual requesting from OABA.

The individual should send the letter request to:

OABA President
P.O. Box 12485
Salem, OR 97309