Oregon's sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans, and the state's historic determination to become a white homeland.

“Whitelandia, the 90-Minute Documentary” is a project of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA).  The idea for this film was developed out of a discussion that I had with the producers.   OABA is seeking to have the voices of “Black Oregonians” and “White Oregonians” portrayed in this film with what they know about the “good and bad treatment” of Black Americans in Oregon.  

OABA has been dealing with “state sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans in Oregon” every since it was founded in 1977.  “State sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans in Oregon is discrimination established by laws, actions and activities of the federal, state and local governments to deny opportunities, rights and citizenship to Black Americans.” I have often said: “We should not let the fears of others or our own fears stop us from working with people, regardless of their color, who want to assist OABA in dealing with this issue.”

Knowing the truth about Oregon history makes it easier for us to work for changing it for the better.  If you have questions about what OABA is doing with respect to “Whitelandia, the 90-Minute Documentary”, please let me .